About Humpty Dumpty Racing

Below is a picture of my friend Yee, he is the infamous CEO of Humpty Dumpty Racing.

The idea of Humpty Dumpty Racing began when a group of friends realized that our friend's Hachi Roku (AE86 Corolla GTS) had fallen into a bizarre scenario of being taken apart into a million pieces.  And all of Yee's men and all of Yee's time can never put it back together again.  To this day, it has been over 2 years and going and yet the Hachi Roku is STILL in a million pieces, and for this reason it is forever known as the Humpty Dumpty.


How Can You Help?

Humpty Dumpty Racing will gladly accept any contributions you are willing to offer.  Especially money or parts to help put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  If not possible, then if you happen to see our CEO, please show him a picture of a Hachi Roku and harass him about how that one is in ONE PIECE and his isn't!

Coming Soon

Official Humpty Dumpty Racing parts for your car!